Author Guidelines

(1) Prepare your article: You can write the article using the word template . Please read the template carefully before writing, especially if you are not used to contributing to ICCE-ASIA.

Template Download

(2) Format your paper: Remember papers will only be accepted in PDF format

(3) Prepare the abstract: Prepare a text-only abstract of approximately 35-50 words (no more than 300 characters). Paste this abstract into the appropriate box in the online submission form.

(4) Choose a submission topic: Select the conference topic group and primary topic that most closely matches the subject area of the paper. Optionally, select further topics. The primary topic selection will be used to match reviewers to your paper so it is important to make a careful selection.

(5) Submit the paper: The submission system is called EDAS. If you are unfamiliar with EDAS, please read this.Use the online paper submission system to create an account and upload your paper. Be sure that you receive an email confirmation that your paper has been received. If not, log in to your paper submission account to verify both your email address and your papers. Be sure to use a reliable email account that you can access when the notifications are sent.

Additional Information

The 2-page document can be arranged as below:

Page 1 - Title, Affiliations of authors, 300 -400 words abstract

Page 2 - Key results, Conclusion, References. Add any other details in page 1 and 2 to help the reviewers get better insight